S. Elizabeth Arredondo, MA, LPC-S


Ms. Arredondo is a parenting coordinator, parenting facilitator,  and a mediator with over seventeen years of experience working with families in conflict and crisis.  As a Licensed Professional Counselor, her extensive background and training in relationships, child development, parenting, mediation, and forensic  psychology have uniquely prepared her to help families navigate the challenges of divorcing and parenting.  Even in high conflict relationships, she can help find common ground and map out a plan that serves the best interest of the children.


A family's story does not end in divorce.  Let Houston Parenting Coordination and Family Mediation help you write the next chapter of your lives in a way that acknowledges the story behind you, respects the current situation, and gives hope of a future that includes stability and peace as you coparent. 


Parent Coordination/ Facilitation


Parents want the best for their children, but can become understandably distracted and overwhelmed by the conflict inherent in a divorce.  Parenting coordinators and facilitators help families make joint decisions about important issues such as  education, healthcare, extracurricular activities, and religious involvement.  No judge or jury is better equipped to make decisions about children's futures than their parents are.

Family Mediation


Divorce mediation is a less costly, more peaceable way to end a marriage than litigation.  It allows couples to take control of decisions about their futures and finances.  Mediation is especially beneficial for parents who, though separating, will need to continue to make joint decisions about their children well into the future.  In litigation, a judge or jury makes personal decisions about a family's future.  In mediation, a couple writes their next chapters with all the knowledge of the stories thus far.  

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Your family's story does not end with divorce.  Let us help you write the next chapter. 


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